rubber-stamp (to)

 Approve without review.
 ► “The 107-year-old Bar falls under the purview of the state Supreme Court, whose members belong to the Bar and nearly always rubberstamp the Bar’s budget.” (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 21, 1996, p. F1)

American business jargon. 2014.

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  • rubber-stamp — ˌrubber ˈstamp verb [transitive] to give official approval to something without really thinking about it: • Consultants getting a company pay cheque are likely to rubber stamp all management decisions without question. * * * Ⅰ. rubber stamp UK US …   Financial and business terms

  • rubber stamp — ➔ stamp1 * * * rubber stamp UK US noun [C] ► WORKPLACE a small desk tool with raised letters made of rubber, that is used for printing the date, name of an organization, etc. on documents: »His secretary signs the stack of papers using a rubber… …   Financial and business terms

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  • rubber-stamp — (something) if someone rubber stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough. School governors will not simply rubber stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber… …   New idioms dictionary

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